I have had an enormous amount of nuisance mail though the link, but hopefully that is now corrected

I have also neglected pipes for several years due to other projects consuming al of my time, so apologies if I have not pursued some of your requests.

PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT ATTMEPT TO VALUE ANY PIPES. The only way I check that out is by watching ebay auctions regularly, but it is an auction, prices can vary wildly for identical items.
My sole interest is in putting together as much technical information and illustrations of this type of pipe to assist others in their hobby. I do not own an example of every pipe illustrated here and seek always to obtain information and illustrations of any pipe missing from this website so they may be included (with a credit to the informant if required)

FALCON BOOK now available

Kathy Worth, granddaughter of George Hunt, one time owner of Falcon International has just published her ebook "Back from the Ashes". It is not just a litany of facts and figures, it is a real story and contains a wealth of information about Falcon pipes. There is a link to USA Amazon, here will take you to her website. On the links page is a link for it on UK Amazon. It is a must have for all interested in these pipes and for only $3

If you have a pipe that is not here and you think it should be, please email me 3 images, preferably side view, top view and parts as the others here already. I use 600 pixel width for images, which also makes it quicker to email. Then of course what ever details you have on your pipe. I will print a credit to you if so required.
Come on now, don't be hiding your knowledge from the rest of us

This site is for ALL of us to share our information with other collectors

It works too, see the comments on SCOTTIE page. It is great when folk browsing this site can add to pipe history, family connections and details

A word of warning If you are thinking of buying online, be very very careful. Best policy with 'metals' is to see an image of the dismantled pipe. Buying otherwise unless desperate for an example can too often result in you ending up with a pipe that may be damaged when you try to dismantle and clean it. Mind you, you may learn how to repair them, but parts are of course getting rarer than hens teeth

If you think some of these pipes are bizarre, log into the US Patent Office website and try classification 131/222 for a start

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